Aug 26, 2011

Little Miss Olivia & her Mommy & Daddy!

In the summertime (Ok well most anytime of year) the best light is in the early morning or in the evening. Most of my clients opt for the evening appointments. But this family chose a morning! What a refreshing time of day! It was so neat to see how the light behaved differently and how equally beautiful it was. It was a nice change to be fresh and bright eyed for a morning shoot too. I highly recommend it for young children!

Little Miss O was as cute as ever. I have been blessed to have been photographing her since she was in her Mommy's tummy! Now she is 18 months old, and full of energy! She loves her bubbles (Dad was our HERO when he had to run home to retrieve forgotten bubble wand!). But I think even more, she loves the freedom to run and play. As we chased her around we got some really fun shots! Thanks G family for another great session!


Aug 12, 2011

Allie's Birthday Portraits

Allie is my sweet neice. She is only a couple weeks younger than my s
on. Its so much fun to get the two of them together! Its always fun to see how much they look and act alike. Although Allie is most definitely a girl and Christian is a boy through and through! The truth is girls have much cuter clothes and photography props- so at least I get my girly fix every once in a while!

Aug 10, 2011

The Bridgewater Family - Treasure Valley Family Photographer

I love this family! I first meet the Bridgewater a few years ago when I did some family portraits for them, shortly after their son Owen had been diagnosed with Cancer. (he has his ups and downs still, but is doing great!) I love that they are not only clients but have really become friends. When I first joined Face Book, I planned to only friend people I knew. But as a business owner, I found that FB was a great way to interact with my future, and past clients. Through FB I really have grown to have a relationship with my clients and when we get together for our sessions its like meeting up with old friends. It has made my job so rewarding & enjoyable!

So some of you might remember that HUGE wind storm not too long ago. Yep we were out taking pictures when it happened. Out in an old abandoned street and this gust of wind and dirt pelted us. We took refuge behind a pillar till it passed. It started to rain, but hey whats a little rain? So we found a spot that had a overhang and we continued on. Whats that popular saying? "Keep Calm & Carry On" yep that was us. Luckily the storm was short lived, the sun peeked out from the dark clouds and we were able to finish our session. Perfection!


Aug 5, 2011

The Vance Family Portraits - Treasure Valley Photographer

Yeah! Little Grace is 1 year old! I had the opportunity to photograph her as a newborn, and now she is a sugar and spice full throttle toddler. This girl does not hold still, she is always on the move! But she is a doll none the less! Her big brother Remington is so funny. Not to thrilled with the whole picture taking process, however he could ham it up when he wanted to. (I just had be ready because it was quick!) In the end we got some really wonderful portraits of 2 adorable kids and a beautiful family!


Aug 4, 2011

Matt & Jessica Engagement Portraits - Boise, Idaho Photographer

Yeah! I'm so happy to get to finally share these portraits with you! (I was asked to delay their spotlight on the blog till the wedding invitations were out) Matt & Jessica are such a sweet couple. They chose to do their engagement portraits at the park. the grass was green and the flowers were in bloom, it was so beautiful. It was so wonderful working with them, and I'm looking forward to photographing their wedding in September! Congratulations!!