Dec 28, 2010

The Hudson's ~ Kuna Family Photographer

One great thing about outdoor/natural light photography is not being confined to a studio. And with energetic 2 year old boys like Logan this is a good thing! We spent a lot of time just chasing him around and letting him just be Logan, but we got the best candid shots! This kid is amazing on a bicycle, and once we broght it out he was just zipping all over the out I'm pretty sure were going to see him doing something pretty cool with that bike when he gets older!


West Cheerleaders

What can I say about photographing 7 beautiful cheerleaders from West Jr, High? How about...
GO Mustangs!


Baby Dara and her Mommy & Daddy

This lil' cutie was a joy to photograph! Just look at those big eyes and that amazing beautiful hair! Mom & Dad seem to be pretty smitten with her too! Add a cute flower and a tutu and you have a portrait that is just too darn cute!! TuTu made by TutusForu


The Grant Family

Once again, attempting to catch up on blogging! These past few months have been so busy I can't believe how behind I am in getting these sessions up! (I just counted 26 sessions behind- ack!) So hold on to your seats and be ready to be dazzled by all the great families, seniors, babies and weddings that have kept me so busy!
The Grant Family is one of those amazing families! These are people that I just admire.Raising 2 special needs kids and two parents who adore them. I know first hand raising 1 special needs child can be a challenge, but raising 2- wow! It was such a pleasure getting to know the Grant's and capturing their special family!



Dec 14, 2010

Christmas Cuties

Allie & Christian are cousins only 3 weeks apart. Ive had this photo shoot in my head for a long time, and I was so excited to finaly shoot it! Thanks a bunch to TuTusforu for the darling TuTu and Creative Whims by Irene for the custom made hats!

The End